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Mitch Styling: creativity, learning and perseverance

The purpose of our fifth meeting was to get to know the hairdresser's career, so we went to Mitch Styling (Paul Mitchell) hairdressing studio and school. Hairdressing is far more than the art of styling hair. It is the path of continual learning, the search for new creative challenges and perfecting soft skills, which requires a lot of self-initiative, dedication and willpower from the individual.

Even for experienced hairdressers, each client represents a unique challenge, therefore training new staff is always very important. At the school, hairdressers do not only learn technical skills, they are also taught the art of proper communication and counseling, so that each client is guaranteed to be satisfied with the end result.

These qualities and values are also important in the early years of the future professionals and also for the personal development of the Young Heroes. Katja Bizjak from the company Peskovnik, a co-worker at the hairdressing school, presented the stories of the current participants of the Mitch Styling (Paul Mitchell) program to the Young Heroes. The participants of the program come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and the work of the hairdresser is a challenge that they all always wanted to tackle but, never found the courage or opportunity to do so. The story of the salon itself also speaks about creativity, combined with courage and boldness, which leads to success, as well as new salons and new business opportunities. All these challenges and opportunities, however, are waiting in one form or another for the people, who will be able to use their skills for creating their own way.


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