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Global Shapers Ljubljana visited the Shape Eurasia 2018 event

At the event, they met young people who share similar values and goals, and who are willing to challenge each other, which all contributes to a constructive discussion about the future. The main theme of Shape Eurasia 2018 was human capital and the realization of its full potential. In this context, the talks and discussions were mainly focused on the future of education and educational systems, which often do not suite the needs of modern times. Another theme was the greater utilization of human potential in business, the challenges and opportunities brought about by the technology of the fourth industrial revolution, as well as the role and position of women in the world of the 21st century.

In the context of additional activities at the event, Barbara and Iva also prepared a workshop entitled"Mentoring – what works and what doesn't?". During the workshop they got to present the Young Heroes Project and explain the mentorship aspects of the project in greater detail. They also shared with the participants the knowledge and experience which they have gained as mentors that over the course of the first year of the Young Heroes Project. The participants also worked as a group and solved six specific challenges relating to mentorship. Barbara and Iva noted that the whole experience had been very positive, with everyone involved acquiring many new skills as well as forming friendships that might also lead to long-term cooperation in the future.

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