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An explosion of energy at the WOOP! trampoline park

In the last few weeks, we have managed to accumulate a lot of new knowledge, find a treasure trove of useful tips and developed new skills. The afternoon of Monday the 26th of March was thus spent on socializing and personal mentoring. We were invited to the trampoline park WOOP! Ljubljana, the first park of its kind in Slovenia. Before trying out the various different trampolines, we also got to hear the success story of founder Samo Habič;. He spoke to us about his personal transformation from traveling trampoline enthusiast with a good idea, to a trampoline expert with his own park! According to him, this route can be compared with jumps on the trampoline - it's not always just up, but it's important not to stop trying.

In the park, the famous Slovenian acrobatic group Dunking Devils also found their home. Their story confirms that global success can grow from humble beginnings, if only you are enthusiastic to be doing what you are doing, you believe in it and are ready to put in the necessary work and a lot of effort.

With a great deal of new motivation, we were still on the trampolines and spent a good hour jumping and laughing. We are also delighted to mention, that Filip Kržišnik, part of the acrobatic duo F & B Acrobatics, stood by our side and supported us with his demonstration of various stunts and gave us advice. His advice to the Young Heroes come from a personal guide, "Why would it be easy, if it can be difficult? Why would you walk on your feet if you can walk on your hands? For success, it is always necessary to progress and explore new borders. "

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