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Secret challenges and tasty burgers

In order to achieve the goal that was set at the beginning of the Young Heroes project, many steps are needed, which we take together each month with our enthusiastic group of adolescents. The path also lead us to the Escape room Mindmaze Ljubljana, where we solved various riddles and challenges and successfully escaped the mysterious escape room. Thus, the lesson we have learned through this months experience was that success is the fruit of cooperation and mutual assistance, and that together we can go further, do more and make facing challenges easier.

The next stop of our trip was the Hood Burger restaurant in Ljubljana. It embodies the full entrepreneurship story, all the way from the idea, through facing many challenges to finally achieve success as one of the finest restaurants of this kind. Young entrepreneurs and restaurant owners, Til Pleterski and Klemen Ptičak, were happy to open their kitchen doors, share their story and respond to many interesting questions regarding everyday life in the world of restaurant management as well as graciously indulge us with delicious burgers.

When being asked what forms an important part of young person's success, Til Pleterski advised: "They must be curious and go in the direction that is unknown. Entrepreneurship is the way to the unknown, where you should not be afraid, because fears suppress a man. You have to go ahead with your interest and be persistent. It is also very important that you enjoy what you are doing, since that makes putting in the effort which required much easier, "

Through these meetings, the participants of the project can get advice, answers and directions from various outside guests and colleagues, as well as from the Global Shapers Ljubljana hub members of, who also take part in individual mentoring.

"As entrepreneurs, we feel obliged to give back to society," they told us in Hood Burger. You can join the Young Heroes project too! To contribute to the development of the potential of talented adolescents from a less stimulating environment, we offer several sponsorship packages through which you can contribute to building their potential. Your financial support will enable young people to get quality education, participate in social and cultural events, and visit companies which will spread their horizons, motivate them and give them self-confidence.

For more about the Young Heroes project please visit:


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