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Breaking the ice!

Since the conception of the Young Heroes Project, to its first official meeting, quite a lot of planning and meetings took place . On January 11, 2018, we arrived at the “Večgeneracijski center – Skupna točka” with high hopes and full of expectations, but the experience of meeting with our Young Heroes surpassed our wildest imagination. The introductory words quickly turned into friendly conversations, followed by a fun evening full of interesting activities, cognitive games and a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to Katja Bizjak from “Peskovnik”, who engages in soft skill education for companies and schools, and thanks to our colleagues at the “Zveza prijateljev mladine Moste – Polje”, we found our common similarities and differences. We have made a record of our future expectations and we firmly believe that the next couple of months will exceed them. After all, we discovered just how much of a colorful group we are as we look forward to more successful meetings.

© Nejc Puš You can join the Young Heroes Project! To contribute to the development of the potential of talented adolescents from a less stimulating environment, we offer several sponsorship packages through which you can contribute towards their potential. Your financial support will enable young people to get quality education, participate in social and cultural events and visit companies, all of which is aimed towards the broadening of horizons and the increase of motivation and self-confidence of these Young Heroes. More about the project:


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