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The Young Heroes Project

With the Young Heroes Project, we want to empower talented young people from a less stimulating environment, who lack support, motivation, self-confidence, incentives and knowledge of study and career opportunities.

We want to help adolescents who stand out with their talent in a certain field to develop their potential, and try to bring them closer to their career and study opportunities. It is the first of this type, that has ever been done in Slovenia. Through mentoring, social events and the presentation of various professions which will involve visits to companies and organizations, we will try to spread the horizons of young people while working together on ways in which we can all improve our self-confidence.

The program is based on mentoring participants through group meetings and socializing. Predictably, two meetings will be organized per month. As part of our formal meetings, we will visit Slovenian and its various companies, where we will present individual professions and career opportunities, as well as give participants the opportunity to get to know the employees of the company and hear their success story. In parallel, informal gatherings will be held on a monthly basis, where we will connect with adolescents in social (cultural and sports) events, have some fun together, build trust, and help in deciding on their further path and personal development. Mentoring takes place in two levels. The first level of mentors are members of the Global Shapers Ljubljana hub - young and motivated individuals who will accompany adolescents at informal meetings and establish closer relationships and trust with them. The second level of mentors is represented by successful individuals, representatives of the Slovenian economy, who will monitor young people primarily at formal meetings and try to help them develop their potential.

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