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October 2016: Shape it!

Global Shapers Community Ljubljana Hub has launched a tender for the best solution in the field of sustainable development of the city Ljubljana with the goal to encourage young people and share their vision, knowledge and practical skills.

The tender Shape it! was held in the spirit of European initiative, Green Capital 2016. It was a non-profit project with the main objective to obtain high-quality solutions in the field of sustainable development. The proposals from the participators were linked to at least one of the six points which are dedicated to sustainable development - local transport, low waste, eco-innovation and sustainable employment, energy efficiency, water consumption, and air quality.

Seven individual and two group projects were submitted until the end of October 2016. Among all brilliant sustainable ideas, the winning project has been chosen »Paper for paper – Collect, Replace, Activate«, which idea is to collect paper in schools but not trade it for money, as we usually do, but to replace it with plants. The goal is to collect at least one tonne of paper and replace it with 300 plants. The winning idea and its authors received a “prize package” and a co-financing in a total amount of 500 eur. Shapers from Ljubljana hub also put their effort into the implementation of the project and the whole community will try to practically demonstrate the importance of plants, trees and other greenery, which is being constantly used and damaged for papers, books, magazines etc. This is a great example of how young people can contribute to sustainability awareness.

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