• Barbara Matijašič

Shape Europe 2015

The Shape Europe 2015 event which is also referred to as youth Davos will be held in Lithuania on the 1st - 4th of October. It is the annual meeting of Global Shapers community established and led by World Economic Forum.

More than 100 young leaders, company executives, politicians, press representatives as well as active public figures from all over the Europe will land in Vilnius to discuss and proactively impact the global agenda.

„This year Lithuania has not only a great opportunity but also a huge responsibility to host the youth Davos, Shape Europe event, which will bring together the whole European network of Global Shapers. The fact that this event is will be held in Vilnius is a huge recognition of commitment and hard work. It is also considered to be a unique chance for our country to unify talented individuals who are concerned about their surrounding and welfare of the community,“ says the curator of Global Shapers Andželika Rusteikienė.

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